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Q3F Spin-off - vYv (very Young virgins)
Ricey, 17 November 2019

Another sodding TFC avi...
Ricey, 13 May 2019

Ricey, 16 November 2010

How did you end up in TPC?
Ricey, 15 May 2009


Slog saw me playing. I wanted to join a clan. TPC was just forming. QED. (May 99)


Having Downloaded TFC of the night of its release, and then loving being a demo in CZ2 and pissing people of as a Pyro I decided to join a clan. Looking through the WPTFC message board came up with a post by Badger about a new clan called TPC. I Had a trial the day later with Slog on some crappy Map I never ever played before and I just about managed to impress him by burning him many times =)


Well, I started playing TFC at a local LAN with some mates. Liked TFC so played it online. Played on loads of net servers and at the time loved hunted as sniper. Stumbled across WP TFC forum and posted a reply to a recruitment message by Badger. Went for a trial and the rest is history.


Was keen player of Quake 2 on Wireplay, heard from my mate that Half Life TFC was the shit. Tried it and fell in love. Posted on message board to see if any clans where recruiting - no replies ;o) looked at clan list on Wireplay and found the ThePooCrew site, was inspired by there passion for poo and asked for a trial, and the rest is history.


Scoped for the finest clan to join which also had high quality play!


I was a keen WP user with racing simulations but wanted a game where I could get regular opposition. I bought Half-Life as my first 3D-shooter and hated it until I discovered TFC. I became a regular WP server player. Many people came online advertising for players but I wanted someone to ask me specifically if I wanted to join. Badger was the first person to ask...and so here I am :o)


Originally got into online gaming via quake and quakeworld thru gamespy. Started playing HL firstly on the net again thru gamespy, downloaded TFC as soon as it came out and was hooked. Did not try it on wireplay until the day it became free! When TPC first started recruiting I thought it would be fun and sent an e-mail to sign up. Luckily slog and badger had already noticed me on the servers and welcomed me aboard without a trial. Its been onward and upward ever since, maturing into a friendly strong well organised clan.

Glory shots
Ricey, 15 May 2009

Ahh memories...
Ricey, 15 July 2008

Ricey, 17 April 2008

08/30/2001 [MDB] well
06/05/2001 [LoG] well
11/22/2001 [DSH] openfire_l
07/16/2001 LBU| openfire
06/25/2001 [MUF] bam
06/18/2001 |TC| rock2
06/05/2001 [LoG] 2fort
08/30/2001 [MDB] stowaway_l
07/09/2001 [DB] shutdown2
07/16/2001 LBU| well
09/04/2001 Mr. 2fort
09/06/2001 [LoG] 2fort
09/18/2001 [TRC] well
09/19/2001 +S+ shutdown2
09/19/2001 +S+ 2fort
09/25/2001 [187] chimkey_l
09/25/2001 [187] stowaway_l
09/26/2001 [DA] chimkey_l
09/26/2001 [DA] openfire_l
10/09/2001 [187] 2fort
10/09/2001 [187] shutdown_l
10/23/2001 [Dtm] monkey_l
10/23/2001 [Dtm] well
10/29/2001 [LoG] 2fort
10/29/2001 [LoG] cz2
11/06/2001 -Sf- shutdown2
11/06/2001 -Sf- stowaway_l
11/12/2001 [XXX] crossover2
11/12/2001 [XXX] monkey_l
11/20/2001 [UE] 2fort
11/20/2001 [DA] 2fort
11/20/2001 [DA] cz2
11/22/2001 [DSH] 2fort

Unfortunatelty the blarghalyzer is now down. :{

Ricey, 18 September 2003

Some late drop outs and some late invites, but we got enough together for a good drinking session and some Q3CTF. Final addendance: FraS, Grim, Jonny5, rebs, Ricey, t!mo.

Lack of activity
timo, 10 March 2002

As you may well know TPC have not been very active over the last few months. We are trying to get active enough again to put in a decent effort in the next WPTFCL. So wake up people!

Fast, furious and friendly
MrG, 12 February 2002

With the imminent start of the restored WPTFCL, the clan machine rumbled and roared back to life with our first friendly of 2002. Sporting a new member, Mad Mada McMad of the clan Mc Adam, TPC clicked on the cruise control and eased out onto the TFC highway heading towards shutdown2, and promptly ran over clan GF5. Despite their valiant attempts to leap out of the way, we hit them at 130 miles an hour, scattering offensive engy's and Decrepid^Soldiers everywhere. Our frontline defence directed the oncoming GF5 traffic towards the scrap heap with K1llz excelling himself by racking up an impressive 86...erm kills. The trip to monkey told a similar story but with GF5 grabbing a cap. This was in spite of our def setting up a roadblock around our flag on the bridge and getting carried away after the instruction to "hold it up a bit" was taken to the extreme. TPC was later convicted of having an Offence (good) and got 260 points on it's licence. Win vs [GF5] shutdown2 130-0 monkey_l 130-10

First practice in ages
imo, 6 February 2002

We had one the other night and it rocked. Well not quite but it was first time a lot of us have played together for agesss. I wonder when we will actually get a match sorted?

/me slaps anyone reading this page
timo, 28 January 2002

lardy da da. Yes I know that picture of RAT is scary but I didn't post it. Well it's time that you all woke up and went and looked at the TPC forums. We are on the lookout for new recruits so get reading and start applying. The ITV digital monkey prize won't be available for too long. Goodbye.

RAT spotted...
Ricey, 17 January 2002

...and he's turned into a hippy!

finally got around to adding MDB result, we are now officially inactive... we shall review the issue once the Wireplay league are taking sign-ups.

TPC WonID database
timo, 12 January 2002


To be added to in the future.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Years
timo, 24 December 2001

TPC wishes everyone the best for the holiday period. We hope you have enjoyed using our servers.

BWTFCL season 5 comes to an end :(
timo, 14 December 2001

We played MDB yesterday in the BWTFCL div1 semi-final and lost a close match 50-60 Openfire and 20-20 2Fort. A very good game which I enjoyed a lot even though we lost. 2fort was very exciting with some wicked defending keeping the score to 20. SG balc. Openfire was a shambles but a spirited comeback kept MDB on their toes. Good luck MDB in the final vs LP, make sure you beat that "funny" clan.

Pipeworld2001 !
Ricey, 9 December 2001

Jobabob's latest map creation, another mint pipe jump map. Currently playing 24/7 on TPC server 2 (


CB flames and BW playoff
Ricey, 6 December 2001

Monday we played |Gla| in CB ladder, won 2fort on our server 60-20, gg. moved over to their server based in Italy and the lag was horrid, they were always leading so towards end we put some more on def to get win overall which I don't think they liked, lost Openfire 50-20 (80-70 win overall).

Tuesday we played another CB ladder game, this time against [koSm]. they got quick cap and about half way through map dragged out another flag, lost 2fort 20-0 . play stow next, we gain a 20 point lead and map is going to end soon, so desperate to keep the 20 point lead we chase flag outside, basically 8v8 dm on bridge, unfortunately they finally get their cap and map ends seconds later, won 40-30 (50-40 loss overall).

Wednesday we played [A&I] in BW league playoffs. We win 2Fort comfortably 80-10. CO2 next and its very tense, scores are very close and Doe drops, they don't idle (like we had for them) and take advantage of our weakened def to get a 2 cap lead, we come back with another cap but it's too late, loss 120-110. Draw so it goes to CZ2, I was confidant due to our recent results on it, at first its close but gradually we pull away and cap all points twice, won 189-78.

apologies for my shit spelling and grammar... its late.

Good week
timo, 30 November 2001

TPC managed to put in some solid performances this week to beat MDB and CI. I dusted off my rocket launcher and played bsp in both games. Thanks to help from my sidekick Doe at tsp we managed to get some good scores.

TPC win vs MDB 60-10 2fort 80-30 Openfire
TPC win vs CI 20-0 2fort 60-10 Openfire

The TPC servers seem to be improving gradually and we are still on the lookout for a few more admins. Sheepboy, Oddball and Atari being the latest additions.

Admins and server lag
timo, 26 November 2001

TPC are on the lookout for new admins for our servers. The TPC forums hold all the details you need to apply. "Admin Idol" will begin in earnest on the 1st December. If you complete the process succesfully you will be invited to a big showdown with the judges in the new year. I know the servers have been lagging but it would help me greatly if I could have descriptions of the lag and pictures if possible.

TPC make JAM :D
timo, 13 November 2001

In our last official BW game we beat JAMW 60-30 Sd2 and 170-60 Co2. This means we should come 2nd in our group providing we can sort out the situation with -bd-... Played a friendly last night vs XXX and narrowly lost 20-40 Co2 and 30-40 monkey_l. TPC paused the server on monkey so that they could all rejoin their BC session.

Update! WOW
timo, 12 November 2001

We've been going through a not very activate schedule over the last few weeks and hence lack of updates. BWTFCL is coming to the end of the season and we play JamW tomorrow which should be a decider for 2nd place in our group.

Script kid with small penis and no mates
MrG, 23 October 2001

Our apologies to those people using the TPC1 server yesterday evening who witnessed a few minutes of mindless dicking about by someone impersonating our admins and exploiting the Admin Mod. It won't happen again.

Classiest, class, classic
MrG, 21 October 2001

Our BWTFCL game this week was versus MI-CSC-RNK and saw our first convincing win of the season. Shutdown2 was first and our offy chaps wasted no time in capping as we raced to a 30-0 start. At this point MCR managed to get our lasers, grab the flag, and almost made it to the front door in one swift move. We battled hard to keep it for what seemed like an age. MCR got the flag to the front door, only to have the sg fire their flag carrier back into the far corner of the entrance. Sneaky work by their train riding spy finally de-railed our manic defence and they capped making it 40-10. And although MCR did get our flag to the bottom of the flag room ramp at one point, our defence remained fairly solid. Meanwhile our offence had kept the pressure on and secured another 3 caps. Openfire was next and the def lads put on a first class performance that allowed the flag merely inches out of the lasers on one occasion to give us a clean sheet. Our offence got an early touch but took a little while to cap as MCR put up a determined fight. With another man sent forward, we started to make some headway and 3 more caps followed in the second half of the map. Although both teams had players drop as pings started to rise, it was a very good natured, fun game. Win sd2/70-10 of/40-0.

On Wednesday we faced K20 in the Jolts' Kings of 2fort Tournament. The knockout is played over a single map per round with games ending in a draw being decided by which team had the least deaths. We expected a tough game, and that's what we got. Our defence was in shambles mode almost immediately as our lift solly lagged and finally dropped leaving us exposed. However, our offence capped first, in what turned into one of the most exciting to-and-fro games of 2fort we've ever had. The cap list reading: 1-0, 1-1, 1-2, 2-2, 3-2, 3-3, 4-3, 5-3, 5-4, 6-4, 6-5. The game ended with us defending our flag at the top respawn after K20 touched it 14 times in the last 3 minutes. Had the match been decided on deaths, we would have lost 242-217. It was a highly enjoyable game from start to finish and we’d like to thank K20 for their honourable play. Win 2fort/60-50. The next round gives us an easy game versus UE.

Our friendly vs MDB this week was another absolute corker of a match. Stowaway was first up, although we experienced a false start after t!mo locked himself in a respawn with another young man and refused to come out. After the restart, the game ran to a similar formula as the K20 match only minutes before. We capped first, only to have our defence shown to be rather leaky as we were 30-10 down after 15mins. A minor shuffle in our defence and continued pressure by our offence saw us come back to lead 40-30 at the 25 minute mark. MDB capped shortly afterwards to square things, and this led into the manic final 3 minutes. Once again we found our flag out and into the ramp room where a ferocious battle began. It was waged at first with rockets and nails, but as MDB dragged our flag kicking and screaming to the main entrance, we started throwing knives, forks plastic belt buckles, and empty cans of deodorant. We valiantly held out but soon the only things we had left were either stuck, screwed or nailed down, and MDB finally capped as Doe fired our last elastic band. Twenty seconds later, our offence had their flag at their main entrance and Hope glimmered brilliantly. Brushing Hope aside, (this was no place for a woman), we sent wave after wave of brave attackers who had to face relentless grenade and rocket attack as they slowly but surely moved the flag out until it was in the water. At this point MDB starting throwing everything back at us that we had thrown at them, which was lucky because it meant I got my watch back (I hadn’t meant to throw that in the first place). Almost every member of both teams seemed to be outside as we battled to get the flag that short distance from the water to the cap point. Finally, as the seconds ticked away, Doe grabbed the flag, rj’d up and met me nose to nose at the end of our balcony, only to have me TK him with a lagged EMP as my poor pute struggled with the melee. The game ended a fraction of a second later with not even enough time for me to pick up the flag that was at my feet and take it the few paces to the cap point. The second map, which was monkey, was crap. A first class match. Loss stow/50-40 monkey/100-70.

Muppets using hacks on TPC servers
timo, 20 October 2001

Anyone caught using crappy spectator, clip, teleport cheats/hacks will be banned from our servers. DO NOT use them, even if you want to test. We will ban you for life and make efforts to get your wonid banned from as many servers as possible. In the event you use a static IP address then...

The skillz server? 
MrG, 13 October 2001

Where's that when it's at home?

The Skillz Server has thrown away it's tent and moved into a more permanent address. The place has been decorated, the furniture is in, and the spare room is waiting. Just remember to bring your own tea and biscuits.

TPC 2 - The Skillz Server -

Twat, twats, gg, and gg BT
MrG, 12 October 2001

Demonrat (or tw@ as he may be better known ) joined us from the now defunct DB and has already proven himself to be a top HW in addition to his solly skills. Welcome.

We played our first game in BWTFCL vs the German clan LP| which proved to be a chore. Backtracking soldiers & heavy mid map DMing was nasty enough, but the 6 man defence once we got their flag moving made for 2 very poor quality games. We weren't prepared for that kind of low level gaming to be going on in Division 1, but we won't be caught out again. Loss stow/60-30 2fort/30-10.

Our second BWTFCL game vs XXX was an entirely different affair. We hadn't played them before and we weren't sure what to expect. Two good, well mannered matches followed despite the servers poor performance at times. On Well our flag was in the ramp room and then outside our respawn for ages, when the server slowed to a deadstop. I dropped, taking our front door sg with me and XXX capitalised as the server crawled back to life to grab the cap. Sometime later after a raging battle to get their flag from the ramp room to the front door we capped back to draw the game.

Shutdown_l was a slightly different story as our spy offence took advantage of an uncertain XXX startup and kept things suitably confused for them as we capped twice in the first 10 minutes. They sorted themselves out after that and although we had their lasers down several times, no more caps followed. Our defence was very solid and we managed to keep our lasers up the entire map. Win well/10-10 shutdown_l/20-0.

We also played an ill advised friendly vs 187 knowing that 3 of our players were pinging in the 200's on ADSL and 2 others on ISDN had similar problems. K1llz and Proc were doing their impression of Monty Pythons' Judean Peoples Front Suicide Squad by simply running into rooms and exploding. And it turned farcical at one point when our entire offence lagged simultaneously. I still can't believe we played the second map. Scoreline far too embarressing to go into here.

Goings, comings, cappings and concings
MrG, 29 September 2001

In an eventful week, TPC bids a fond farewell to FraS, one of our cherished members. After 2 great years with us he decided to look for pastures new. We wish him well.

Sicknote joined us this week, swelling our offensive ranks still further. He promises to add chatter to RW, caps to the scoreboard, and humour to IRC. Welcome Sicky.

Speaking of caps, we beat DA in a friendly during the week in 2 very exciting games on Chimkey 90-60 & Openfire 30-20. As our recruitment continues, we fielded 3 trialists (see Sicknote ) in this eventful game against our old mucker J5's new clan. We had some connection problems which saw us drop to 6 players on Openfire, so even after an early cap we found ourselves down 10-20. Upon everyones return we capped again, and then clinched the winner in the dying seconds of the map. A Good Game indeed.

And so to the other big news of the week, brought to you in association with Spliff...

TPC Server 2 - The Skillz Server Returns!

Spliff missed the concing community so much that he has funded the new server which will be supported and managed by TPC. So, calling all conc fans... unpack your concing kit, and bind up your keys, the Skillz Server has returned to it's rightful home.

Please note that the IP above is only temporary as it is scheduled for a move some time next week, so watch this space.

Games, in 'n' outs, leagues
Ricey, 20 September 2001

Played TRC Tuesday, won 2fort 100-30, and drew well 30-30, gg. Played +S+ Wednesday with new patch and 3 trialists so was bit dodgy but still gg lost SD2 50-20 and drew 2fort 20-20.

Duck has left for mW, Kobral is AWOL, and slim's bro K1llz has joined.

BY fixtures...


BW fixtures...


Various goings on
FraS, 13 September 2001

Had a friendly on Tuesday night V's MDB again. We won 60-0 2fort and 90-0 Monkey. Thanks to MDB for carrying on even though they had 7 men for Monkey. There was also another kind of friendly V's DB on Wednesday, I wasn't there but I understand we were winning when the game was called to a halt for some reason.

More new recruits! TPC welcome Apollo and slimz. Apollo being an excellent all-rounder and slimz a very impressive defensive solly.

This almost signals the end of our current recruitment drive with space maybe for one more special individual If you think you have enough experience to make it with The Poo Crew come to channel #[TPC] and introduce yourself!

Clan server and LoG
timo, 8 September 2001

Our clan server plays just 2fort and is beginning to become quite popular. The IP is We must make it clear that your must try and play in teamlike and non muppet like way. Please read the motd on entering the server.

We played LoG on Thur and won and lost a map.

Recent goings on
Ricey, 31 August 2001

Played MDB last night in friendly, we lost Well 40-10 (screenshot, stats) and won Stow 230-190 (screenshot, stats). I'm not good with match reports as you see so i suggest you see Chief's report from the MDB site.

Welcome new members Kapp, Proc and Kobral \o/.

We are entering BWTFCL season 5 div 1, and hopefully BYTFCL when it starts.

t!mo is sorta retiring so he says () and me and MrG are keeping things ticking over.

FraS is returning from Ibiza tommorow!

t!mo is in Cyprus for 2 weeks.

Fluke has a new burd.

I start college again next week.

Premiership and stuff
timo, 21 August 2001

Nice to see the footy league off and running. Some good wins for Liverpool and Bolton. Shame about Fulham at Man U, they did well. Anyway, J5 has left for his own reasons. I've retired for a bit and the clan muddles on. Basically we are recruiting but are looking for older established players with good IRC presence and reasonable TFC skills.

TPC server switched to CTF (mostly)
Jonny5, 9 August 2001

FF on
Prematch 30s
Timelimit 30mins

Admin mod installed. Access to loads of maps.


cnquest can be downloaded from..


timo, 7 August 2001

Lost to AI tonight in WP game. WP league going a bit Pete Tongue. Just watching chained and it's suxoring. Nothing else on. Most of us need some decent jobs so plz give us some. I went to Euro CS champs in London and got drunk at weekend. Bye.

The weekend is over...
FraS, 31 July 2001

...and my LAN has passed. Thankfully we did actually get the network going even though it was a mish-mash of bits. Thanks to those who came, I don't think there was anyone who travelled less than 100 miles.

Lets frikkin hope those photo's don't come out!! Trust someone to bring a camera, it was my only dread for the weekend.

I just completed Max Payne too, omg it's fookin wicked, the only single player game I've wanted to play in over a year. Highly recommended.

Something about me
timo, 22 July 2001

If you look at t!mo, the TPC leader, for example, he seems to be playing better now that he has less to worry about with TPC...

WRONG I'm playing shit atm. Read the rest here.

Grrrrr DW
timo, 18 July 2001

40-10 Openfire and 30-10 Well to DW. So we lose are 2nd WPTFCL game. Not very good is it? bah. Openfire was ok, under pressure dropped someone early on, recovered when tuna turned up. Looked like we were going to keep it close but they got a few sneaky caps at end to make score more favourable. Mass TKs by myself and Danny. Well was fun. DW took flag a fair bit and FraS was ffs about people in attic all the time. Anyway they capped and then we equalised. Gooooal. Just about to relay cap out when got killed coming out of window with it. Their flag returned and then DW got a few caps. Balls.

After reading CC's DW match report I think it's so good that it needs a linkage

I promised myself I'd start a report with something other than "Good game against ..." this time, so here goes...

GrOCam smells.

That's better :). Good game against TPC (d'oh!) on a dodgy WP toaster, some hasty rearranging needed as the Blueyonder - WP connection was crap, meaning Storm and Sin couldn't play :(. We shuffled things around and ended up with 3 defenders and 5 attackers - not bad. Biggz and Nest were the lucky O fellows who got to play D, and all in all did a fine job.

We started with Openfire, tough going for our O mongs who praised the TPC defence afterwards. Even so they managed to work a few caps out, including an almost-hole from d00m I believe. Our own defence did well, battery being uber at the switch and Val doing a fine job as engy. I was playing at the water and not doing too well; when TPC moved our flag about halfway through I went demo to hold it up for a while, then just stayed demo for the rest of the game which was fun. Towards the end TPC sent a HWGuy to attack the water which worked pretty well in removing me, but he never made any real headway.

Well was next up, and we decided on me and Biggz at fd, Nest in water, and batt + Val in the fr (doing rude things I'm sure :P) Biggz started as engy before switching to sol, and we made a good pair at the fd - think I might elope with him.

We capped first after what seemed like a dozen touches (but probably wasn't), but not long after TPC got our flag and seemed to have it for ages. I thought they were heading to attic, so I rjumped up there to wait... but they'd gone rr - balcony instead :/. I nailed the medic after he threw and the flag was clear - S H A M B L E S. If I'd stayed rr we possibly could have defended it :/.

At this point Biggz went into attack promising to cap - and did about 2 minutes later, which we followed up with a third a few minutes later :D. TPC realised we only had 1 fd soldier so attacked there more, and I struggled to hold them up. Thankfully Biggz came back on D and helped out, as I was gently sobbing in a corner of the respawn after being 0wned so badly :*(.

Bit of a reshuffle towards the end, Biggz and Nest swapping and Nest teefing my kills and generally outplaying me :).

Defender of the match - possibly battery. Talking to Val after the game he'd shot his load several times watching battery get mid-air rockets on concing meds etc. Well played battery, if you weren't like 1000 miles away I'd lick your lobe :). Saying that, Val was as 0wnage as ever and both Nest and Biggz was supoib, so I think we'll just share the honours around and have a foot-sex orgy. Biggz, don't cancel that room at the Swallow Hotel just yet ;).

Ta for the game TPC, and very well played - it's ages since I've played against you and I'd forgotten how good you are :).

Also must make a special mention to DW player who thought we had a dodgy grate on well. gogogogogo Danny the scout!

The TPC theme tune
timo, 17 July 2001

Made in house by TPC's own music maestros this original tune really does kick BB into touch.


Anyone who can correctly identify all the voices wins a prize.

Hey hoo
Jonny5, 15 July 2001

I popped into irc earlier to say hello. Just incase you weren't there. Helloooo!

In the USA still, will be home in a few weeks probably. FraS or Ricey can fill you in on the rest.

FraS, 15 July 2001

PuT YoUr L33t C0nc Man0uVr3s t0 Teh TEST!
PuT Y0ur M3dIpAcK Wh3Re ur N0b is!
StIcK ThAt C4LltR0p Up YoUr Ars3

There's a Conc tourny being organised by dus and ww. Go check it out...



Also there's gonna be an icle TPC get-together at my house from the Fri 27th - Sun 29th of July. It's most definately NOT going to be called FraS-Lan '01, don't believe any1 who tells u otherwise!!!

If ur unfortunate enuff to be a member of TeePeeCee then go check the forum out f00.

TPC server IP has changed
timo, 12 July 2001,,,,,,

The old IP of will no longer work.

1st Wireplay game of the season...
FraS, 11 July 2001

Ended in defeat to the hands of D4. 20-0 SD2 and 50-10 2Fort. Not alot to say really. It was a fair result, our defence was outplayed on both maps. A muck up with Roger Wilco meant a total lack of comms together with me needing some desparate prac meant I came away feeling I and the whole defensive team could have played alot better. Oh well roll on the next game. Hopefully be better prepared next time!

Arise t!mo[MSci]!
timo, Thursday 5 July 2001

Ok bit of personal news. I've finished at uni and now have the l33t title of MSci. For the tiny sum of 21.99 you can buy the video of the ceremony and see the classic moment when they read out my name wrong. MUPPETS!!!!! What a bunch of PEONS!! Don't goto Nottingham Uni FFS bunch of MORONS.

Oh yeah our good TFC run continues with another win over LBU.

Friendly match report
K23, 3 July 2001

[Stow: TPC - 60 MI-CSC - 0] [Ofire: TPC - 40 MI-CSC - 40]

Another friendly against MI-CSC brought temporary amusement to our sour and shitty little lives. Once again I find myself dribbling utter bollox on the news page - no one actually reads this - I feel sympathy for them if they do, so... La la la, fuckety fuckety bum, gay sex, wank. First map was Stowaway, and I haven’t played this in a match situation before; it was slightly spammy, but nether the less enjoyable. MI-CSC managed to break our defence a couple of times to get flag, but our defence was on form, and so we managed to keep it contained.

Openfire was not so good, our defence was initially unorganised, and MI-CSC judiciously managed to rack up a ripe score of 4 caps, however, we had the benefit of capital punishment, which is regularly handed out by timo, and this kept us spirited, which drove us to equalise. La la la, fuckety fuckety bum, gay sex, wank. Good night.

- K23

TPC hit the beeg time (nearly)
Fluke, 29 June 2001

Get your ears ready for the ground-breaking aural spectacular that is the TPC theme tune.

Get ready...

Operation Flashpoint
timo, 27 June 2001

New game from Codemasters and it's pretty kick arse.

TPC don't condone piracy in anyway whatsoever. Download the demo and play the game. If you like it buy it.

[edit: why so paranoid eh? -rice]
[edit: sarcasm -timo]

Tis buh bye
Jonny5, 25 June 2001

Well I'm off. I dont know how long for, but I will be back in one way or another. Give me a few months to find myself and I'll settle and get net access if my own. I'll email MrG on my progess and let him process the information I send, censor what he sees fit () and pass on the rest. Cya TPC, lub joo. :X

Friendly match report
K23, 25 June 2001

[Bam: TPC-0 MUF-0] [2fort: TPC-30 MUF-30]

Both matches were manic, lots of spam, carnage, death, pillage, timo spamming the team with orders, (the usual). MUF scared us somewhat by escaping with our flag near the end on Bam, BUT our defence like the crazy sons of a bitches bounced after them, and somehow managed to prevent scorage for the remaining duration of the game. Played defence. Sorry MUF. 2fort close too, we capped, they capped, we capped, they capped, they capped, we capped - my knuckles were bleeding. As ever, thank you MUF for 2 great games.

Also, it gives me much grief to report that a beloved member of the TPC kindred is leaving for America for 2 months. His ghastly presence shall no longer haunt us like a foul stench, and he shall be missed dearly. (The champagne shall be arriving at 8pm tomorrow.) Goodbye Jonny5, from the TPC peeps, hope all the sunbathing will have not been in vain.

- :::K23:::

timo, 25 June 2001

J5 jets off to America at 5am tomorrow and we wish him the best of luck. WARNING. If you happen to live in America then I advise you to leave straight away. Byeeeeee.

In his final game we played MUF on bam and drew 0-0. The map ended with TPC flag somewhat close to MUF cap point. Then J5 left us in the lurch and pissed off to the pub. Bagpuss the concing master joined the server and a good game of 2fort insued. 30-30 was the final score with K23 making a good comeback appearance.

timo, 24 June 2001

...is suffering from shitness atm.

If the TPC server is not available please see if you can ping any other jolt servers. JOLT's routers have been playing up meaning the whole of the network disappears at times. If you can ping other jolt servers and still can't ping our server then contact us in IRC. Ta.

Experienced players wanted
timo, 24 June 2001

If you are an old skool player and are still good, we are interested. Def soldiers would be handy. Ta. Also maybe att medic. Bye.

Couple of friendlies
FraS, 20 June 2001

Played a good friendly tonight v's a mixed team of 8th, MsA, and a few others. 90-140 Stowaway and 30-50 Well. We lost both maps but was a gg all round. Thx to steve and Damo for filling in at the last minute.
Yesterday saw a friendly with our bum chums over at TC. 30-20 win on openfire and a defensive collapse of 0-60 on Rock (/me goes red faced).
In other more important news Narinda and Paul got nominated in BB. Everyone vote Narinda!! biiiiiiiitch.

Other skillz servers
timo, 18 June 2001

Yes they do exist! similar maps and similar map rotations... Small world. I'm even mentioned in MOTD on one of them. Muhahahah. TPC server was the first skillz server though.

Skillz 'R us pffffft.

Just found these...
Ricey, 16 June 2001

...by MrG, thought they deserved a post.

Need your wonids
timo, 15 June 2001

If u want adminmod rights on TPC server you need to pm me your wonid and a password. ta.

Erm I don't understand...
timo, 14 June 2001

...your last post Rice.

EDIT: That's because J5 did it. Oops.

Jonny5, 13 June 2001

I'z buggerin off soon, so you can come back when I gone. Cus no more bickering and fighting and general gay stuff then. I aint on much nowadays either, so I'll send ya an itinerary of when I'll be offline, then we be sorted.

Baby come back!
FraS, 13 June 2001

Ricey come back dude we is all missin u!

Also get well soon Danny!

Finally get well soon t!mo...

Oops, forgot he's always like that.

Missing mah gimp
DannyBoy, 12 June 2001

FAO Ricey

Lo m8, please come back into IRC becuase I'm missing you and your Welsh ways...

Be nice!
timo, 12 June 2001

From now on we shall be nice to each in #[tpc] or we set the dogs on you.

A tune to cheer you up!
timo, 11 June 2001

Stereophonics - Have a nice day!

FraS, 9 June 2001

Bit off topic but I thought I'd pimp this wicked UT mod. I suppose it bares most resemblance to CS but with some improvements to gameplay that make it less of a bunnyhopping DM fest and more like the real thing. It's been going for a while and is in good shape now with newly released beta 1.6.


Goodbye Wireplay
timo, 8 June 2001


Looks like the end is nigh.

I am now officially going to the shops
timo, 7 June 2001


Awwww :X
Jonny5, 6 June 2001

Aww well at least someone loves me. Dont join TPC, they are all heartless bastards. Fras said he wished i would die in my sleep and they all laughed! Bastards!!

/me shags dannyboy

Luv in for J5
DannyBoy, 6 June 2001

Im holding a one man love in for clan member J5, cause all the negative energy towards him is giving me bad karma man. Sooo this one goes out to J5... Stay alive dude.

Guilt trip post
FraS, 6 June 2001

Wub wub J5! plz don't die I will never forgive myself!! Where would our defence be without u.

/me snogs J5

J5 death newsflash
FraS, 6 June 2001

Unrespected member of the community was found dead at his home on June 6th in the early hours of the morning. His mum went to tuck him in and he was found suffocated by his pillow with a sock on his dick (although that is irrelevant).

Our condolences are with Jonny's family in their 10 minutes of mourning.

Rest in peace Jonny5... you will sadly... not be missed!

Unfortunate Loss
Jonny5, 6 June 2001

Jonny5 was found dead in his bed this morning, having apparently suffocated. It is unknown as to his cause of death, but he will be sorely missed. It is thought he had an argument with some twat in TPC (Fras), but as of yet no news has been found. Keep on defending Jonny!

His mate (that used his login).

Excuse me
timo, 5 June 2001

The server was not shit for 2fort but it was er w@nk on well. Attack was wicked on 2fort and I managed to dive in and get killed at every moment. Fluke didn't lose the flag today so we got all the caps we were meant to. Well was ok and the sniper def was a bit of a shocker.

Yesterday, HMDC had a mongish def on badlands which meant we got a fair few caps. Snake was his usual self which provided some entertainment. I don't think we had a def on co2 so HMDC capped lots.

Recent results and stuff
Ricey, 5 June 2001

Some quite decent results in friendlies last two weeks. Beating LBU and LoG, drawing with Mr and HMDC. Bring on the league. What a nice premiership division this season.

Well done J5 on finding the webbeh.

Gah FraS beat me to it, making my post look lil gay now, anyway well done of finding the site also FraS.

FraS, 5 June 2001

The game was a friendly vs LoG. Ended up winning 70-60 2fort and 50-0 well. Well played LoG, the scores might have been more in their favour if the server wasn't so bad. A Friendly vs HMDC yesterday saw a win on Badlands and a totally spanking on CO2, we will have our revenge muahaha *cough* *cough*.

BTW ignore Jonnym0ng, we all do.

Game played!
Jonny5, 5 June 2001

Played a game tonite. Won it and lost it. Was quite good. Bit of moaning. Lots of moaning. Few TK's. Normal stuff. Bye

timo, 3 June 2001

If anything just cannot go wrong, it will anyway.

Murphy's sodding law.

TPC server map rotation
timo, 2 June 2001


All maps and the newest map concmap_cd can be downloaded from www.madskill.2fort.co.uk.

Lies and Punkbuster
timo, 28 May 2001


TPC server is now monitored with Punkbuster. It should be interesting to see the results of this.


...is our spinky new server page.

Webbeh moved !
Ricey, 28 May 2001

It's on my host now so I can update it easier.

t!mo forgot to mention he had to go home early because of his tummy pains.

Fluke and J5 are losers!
timo, 27 May 2001

Went to a club and Fluke wasn't allowed in. ROFL.

J5 was sick in a bottle and FraS drank it!!! ROFL.


WPTFCL season 4 comes to an end
timo, 25 April 2001

We lost to HMDC and beat FA in our last matches. This means we ended around 8th. Not too bad considering shambles we were at start of the season.

We now play because of friendship. We don't have to play if we don't want to. We will only be taking on people who we can get on for next season. That's if we decide to play in it of course.

Some clan members are wanting to branch out into different games and meet other people. Fine. I h8 you but that's your decision!!! muhahahah.

One game left in WP
timo, 20 April 2001

Lost to HMDC in league. Need one point vs FA to come above them.

New forums online! :D
timo, 4 April 2001


This is for clan server and www.madskill.2fort.co.uk.

Erm in other news we lost to KASAP in league. BASTS!

Was boned...
Ricey, 30 March 2001

...by DW, which was not suprising. Next week we play KASAP.

Loada the tarts are off to to i7 this weekend, so I'll be sitting in IRC on my own.

R.I.P LBU|Travis
Ricey, 26 March 2001

He was a fellow clan mate of mine from LBU. He passed away Sunday morning from unknown causes. I didn't get to know him much but he was a very talented TF player and a top bloke. At the young age of 21 it seems such a waste of life, he had a very bright future infront of him. The people in #lbu wearing the {t} tag on Sunday night shows that he was cared about and shall be missed by many.

[ricey: edited due to false information]

timo, 12 March 2001

Since we started only playing in WP we are now unbeaten. Which is nice.

We've beaten EF, MI-CSC and TC.

How will we cope vs SHS tonight?

We shall see if the run can continue.

Strange times ahead! :)
timo, 20 February 2001

Wierd things going on at the mo. Main prob is lack of player availability. Something we hope to rectify. We are looking out for a few players but ideally people who know the clan scene and can put some time and effort in. Playing in one league means we aren't very active match wise.

So in summary, old skool but commited people needed.

Preferable def soldiers.

#[tpc] for more info.

Ricey, 14 February 2001

TPC and others went to the The Playing Fields over the weekend, was top night and exclusive footage can be found here, thanks to Fluke. .I'll stick pics up on this webby when I can be arsed.

In other news, Abom has left and we left UKTFCL, oOoo.

More departures
Ricey, 21 January 2001

eVil and MrG have left, they have both lost there enjoyment of the game and need to look for pastures new. Two very talented players and loyal TPC peeps, we gonna miss you guys, all the best.

Due to this we are leaving the BarrysWorld league, which is a real shame because we have been in it from the first season and had some great games there.

Darky leaves
Ricey, 16 January 2001

His old clan [Dtm] has reformed and apparently need him. The short spell with us was fun mate, best of luck.

Guess that means we are in need of def soljas again... #[tpc]

Results up to date
Ricey, 10 January 2001

It's troo, took me aaages.

New members 'n' stuff
Ricey, 9 January 2001

Big warm welcome to Abomination and Darky, leet def solly type blokes.

Lots of results missing, I'll do when I can be arsed. Need take the gh3y snow off too, and update the downloads, and work on the leet server idea thingy! pfft...

Oh, and smiles should work now, if they don't then I'll cry.

Well busy
timo, 8 January 2001

Blah blah blah.

Loads of matches etc...

It's Christmas!
Ricey, 16 December 2000

...don't you know.

Update soon maybe. Most results are up to date.

Net players coming and going
Ricey, 28 November 2000

Sadly UB has left to join the mighty ranks of SHS. All the best mate, it's been a pleasure playing with you. Welcome [HMDC]Cintas and [HMDC]Steve to strengthen our net squad!

I'll update results soon as t!mo can be arsed to send me the screenies. :o)

Ricey, 19 November 2000

Lost all our UKTFCL games this week and PC pulled out of there BWTFCL game 15 mins before kick off. Lets hope next week gets better.

yada yada
Ricey, 7 November 2000

All results up to date. Good few games last week, losing to UE and BD and beating +N+ and LBU. Shitty game last night against LOD who locked down to 6 man def after their cap on Shutdown2 and then felt it necessary to spam our respawns. Shame really cos 2Fort was a good game.

Trick or treat?
Ricey, 31 October 2000

Happy Halloween.

Won our first UKTFCL game last night against LBU, yay!

Ricey, 23 October 2000

believe it or not its another update, all results now up, fixed broken links in downloads and added few more, FraS is now in scrapbook so you can all go laugh at his ugly mug {i need more piccees, so send them me damit!!}, and next week fixtures are up.

...i have whole week off college, oh what shall i do..?

/me is bored
Ricey, 18 October 2000

Well that kept me happy for an hour, what shall i do now...

Ricey, 13 October 2000

Bout time for an update maybe, not our best week really. Losing to BC, DW, BiA, TFL. Sort of cheered ourselves up last night with a draw against AGL. Next week is also gonna be action packed, facing another array of tops clans.

TPC stay top
timo, 21 September 2000

TPC beat LBU in ladder to hold on to top spot.

15-15 Rock2
40-20 Openfire

TPC drew and lost to AK in WP league.

0-0 Shutdown_l
20-0 2fort

TPC lost and er have to replay well vs BiA in WP league.

20-20 Well - When server crashed. To be replayed.
30-0 Rock2

TPC top of WP ladder!
timo, 8 September 2000

We did it! The master plan worked.

Well done guys and girl.

Prem of BWTFCL
Ricey, 4 September 2000

After a hard fought victory against our French friends -Tfk- we have secured our place in the BWTFCL premiership division, hooray.

C4 go down
timo, 31 August 2000

TPC win another WP prem match to keep us at the top.

Top of WPTFCL prem
Ricey, 28 August 2000

At the end of the week 2 round of games TPC moved to the top of the premier division after beating and drawing with IST.

timo, 16 August 2000

We beat KASAP in our first big WP premier league game.

40-30 2fort
30-0 Shutdown_l

nice one lads.

Big shout out to the kids on WP!
timo, 28 July 2000

u know who u r!

Good results
timo, 22 July 2000

We are doing well in BWTFCL, beating RNK and drawing against BD. BD capped on Rock2 when we had one player on the server! A brilliant effort by the lads coming back on the server to limit it to one cap.

TPC first international encounter
timo, 15 July 2000

England 1 - France 0

TPC played their first international game vs FCC and won. Well done lads. A good week for us beating AHL in the Dustbowl tourney and drawing with a weakened JMC team in a friendly.

Openings in TPC
timo, 11 July 2000

Look at this web site first. I'm looking for experienced people only. Contacts details on the site.

A-team was great!
timo, 9 July 2000

In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped a maximum security stockade to the Los Angeles underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem, if no one else can help, and if you can find them, maybe you can hire the A-Team.

TFH departs
timo, 7 July 2000

TFH is leaving TFC and TPC. He is going on holiday soon and then returning to France. We wish him the best of luck. A true TPC great.

Something on the horizon
timo, 1 July 2000

I can see it. No I can't. You'll just have to wait. :)

The sky opened...
timo, 28 June 2000

...and crap came flying down.

Well it's been a tricky couple of weeks. Haven't really done much in games and so we haven't won. It's annoying but it shows what a strong clan we are. We have the team spirit to take us through this. I'm looking forward to season 3 and the challanges ahead. The new patch has pissed me off but I'm beginning to get used to it, cl_lc 0 and cl_lw 0 have made my TF 1.5 experience more enjoyable.

Monkey update. There seems to be more of these than ever at the moment. It must be this free internet malarky. Luckily the probs redhotant have had have deprived us of some of these gimps for a while.

Q3F. A refreshing change to TFC. Seems so much different. A quality clan is emerging, it's name is vYv. I have to say it has some brilliant players. Paragon, n0ddy, Chastity and Ricey to name a few. If you are interested check their web site.


NEWS FLASH: See Gladiator it's TOP!

timo, 23 June 2000

It has come to my attention there are a lot of monkeys out there. This is a special message for u lot. Most of these idiots seem to be about 15 and doing GCSEs. My advice to you guys is get a life. Get a house, car, wife then you will know what life is really like. Rant over.

Been quiet since new patch. Not many matches played. Lost to TFL and IST, drawing a map and losing the other. Games have been really laggy. Hopefully a new patch will fix crap patch and make TF 1.5 like the good old 1016.

New members
timo, 7 June 2000

Fluke and Niko are TPC's newest members.


Official patch date postponed
eVilAsmo, 3 June 2000

New release date Monday...

These are the following things I have observed:

Huge change in code. Hitting your jump key 3 times now, will make U jump 3 times, as oppose to the old one, when it would only jump when after the first jump again if U continued pressing till after the first one was finished.

(edit - this is not strictly true... only true for aliases (my jump is combined with duck) this suggests therefore, scripts are queued).

Despite the speed decrease on the scout, it seems he can jump further, it is quite easy to take a near diagonal route across the ramps to the lift in 2fort...

Grenades do a wopping 130 points of damage it seems...
meaning a medic is still terrifying on attack. A soldier/demo on attack can take out an SG in a 1gren/1rocket combo. A singular grenade takes an SG down to 20 health!

Rockets also seem to be faster and more powerful... could be wrong though.

A rocket jump doesnt take U much higher... the 2fort lift is reachable as per usual.

The pipes seem to be slightly stronger... I am able to single pipe jump outta the whole on Crossover.

Backpacks and flags can be thrown more freely... IE where U look...
In addition, to prevent people constantly dropping and picking up the flag... a limit has been imposed on time after dropping to picking up...

Concs are (nearly) as powerful, but inderectly...

The blast has been increased, and the push effect is proportional to the distance from the origin... about 2.5 times blokee hight seems to be optimal.

'On the fly' concs are still possible... but U need to be able to throw the conc downwards for them to work properly... (IE, U must be jumping off something).

Unlike the current version, relative position to the conc is vital, if U run into a detting conc, U will be stopped in yer tracks... in the last version it would sometimes propel U forwards.

The conc effect is also different. Last time Ur screen would wobble, but your aim would stay true if stationary... this has changed... ur vision now moves in a decreasing 'figure of 8'.

Mirv have more push than last time, and the initial blast seems the same... perhaps making it a quite viable escape grenade.

The pyro seems much improved, but I dont know how... it SEEMs like his flames have longer range, burn longer, and do more damage... the incendiary grenade certainly has more bite.

The HW-guy has been fed steriods... he is faster (not really noticeably), and does more damage... a scout is mincemeat in full on fire for any more than a second.

The engy has been modified interestingly. The VGUI runs parrelel with the standard 'biuld menu' which has been phased out, but is still accessible. Facility for rotating the SG DOES exist, but in the VGUI only ATM. Only needed to spanner ur SG to upgrade and reload is a huge improvement...

EMPs do shedloads of damage, even if all ammo is discarded... killing a scout who could previously survive 3. The EMP blast is wider... therefore making the engi the primary candidate for the ammo bags.

SGs seem to turn slower... and have no detection range increase... although whether this is increased when locked is another matter
A HW-guy can go head to head with a LVL II, AC vs all its got... and just about win... they seem more vulnerable... circle strafing will be more difficult now, in that U overtake the SG and it gets a lock.

The spy has been made a LOT more powerful, but VERY discretely... the ability to change colour and skin simultaenously is scary... meaning infiltration will be easier... combined with the damage from grens, and his nailgun, he should be formidable... the only set back is the way I cant find the commands to do this, to seperate them from the VGUI! aaar...

The spy's tranq seems less long lived... but the knife is supposedly a guaranteed kill to the back, regardless of class (HW-guys and solds could survive).

The sniper is more dangerous for many reasons... less charge time (I think) and a sharper net code mean the opens will be full of em. The dot is smaller, and the code for the mouse inputs has been heavily streamlined (I had a look in the CFGs - EEK at all the mouse functions).

The new score board is nice... giving details of class and more space for name... your text is defaulted to team colour also.

The comms system will be intresting... I prefer mine ATM, but the one text file, all maps, almost code like interface could provide some interesting opportunies for making a clan universal comms scheme (I am working on this now).

The new maps suck pretty badly I'm afraid... looking like CS rejects and playing worse...

Many of the map bugs (such as door trick and bags) have been patched out, as has the demo script (WOO!).

One interesting thing, that is likely enterely unrelated, is the player animations...

I had gaitestimation turned off in the last patch to decrease lag... it seems it has been implemented properly now... with players sliding around on one foot if it is off...

OpenGL support has been augmented... but the fonts on D3D mode are horrible, often being garbled... the new 'true type fonts' that scale to resolution are useful, but a curse for D3D users like me...

Support for LEDs has been removed, as has ASCII code...

Support for the num pad has been implemented with the prefix of KP_ to the key (KP_PLUS, KP_8) etc...

Hullucination etc have gone client side... this should be interesting... the net code in itself is going to be a completely different kettle o fish... as most of the code is client side... meaning a horribly lagged person simply delays in killing U... as oppose to just not killing U at all...

I think thats it (GASP) more later.

eVilAsmo, 31 May 2000

And ValvE spoketh to the masses:

Let their be patches; and there was a patch, and it was shite... there was much lamentation, tugging of beards, venting of bowels and spleens, and the weather was vile.

Thine medicmonkee's conceth in monkeree of mine Angles, I the mighty ValvE shall pluck the wings, and maketh U have to use map features to propelleth U to the heavens, where, gravity shall then smite ye, and bringeth U down with a 'splutgh'.

To punish ye also, those who mockedeth the fatboy as newbeish, I make him faster, infuesed with toughness and strength, I nick not his grenades, and give him an 'evil bastard weapon that rocks 'joor a$$'

Thine Sniping bitch shall piss ye off in clan games muchly, by being of little assett to your team, whilst doing a brilliant job of it... whilst thine struggling engineers contraptions, shall be made to rotate slower, and be built out of jelly excrement.

Some creppyeth levels shall be provided, and a useless VGUI (Very Good but Useless Invention) shall be added to ruin all your comms.

Oh... and it should be out officially sometime in the next couple 'a hours.

The updates are coming!
eVilAsmo, 27 May 2000


The power to write never ending streams of drivel to this column has been bestowed upon me. Rejoice, for any good reputation we had can now go down the pan with my maniacal gibbering...

New patch due soon
timo, 27 May 2000

Well the new patch to make TFC, TF 1.5 is due out this week. I've got my hand on a leaked version and concs are well difficult.

BTW forgot to mention second UKSL result. We drew with .exe.

80-30 Openfire to TPC
15-60 Rock2 to .exe

Knocked out!
timo, 26 May 2000

Well we knew it was going to be tough and it was.

70-10 2fort to BA
10-10 Fortsaken2

A valiant effort on FS2 got the flag to the window but a heavy defence in the closing minutes meant we couldn't take BA to CZ2. We lost to a good team who we get on with so it's not that bad.

Bring on BA!
timo, 20 May 2000

Well well well, we have to play BA in the knockouts. This should be fun. Anyway, I'd like to say a special hi to our friends in BA because it may be the last time i'm nice to them!!! :)

I recommend everyone go check out there web site.


The flash intro is mind boggling. Their forums are tremendous and have lots of activity, I like the way Reality seems to talk to himself. ;)

Win first UKSL game
Ricey, 18 May 2000

Last Sunday we played out first game outside of Wireplay against [TGC] in the UKSL.

TPC 10 | TGC 00 - 2Fort
TPC 20 | TGC 00 - Fortsake2

Regardless of some connection and server problems it was hell of a top game that remained tight and frantic throughout.

Some results and new webby
Ricey, 15 May 2000

TPC 30 | DA 00 - 2Fort
TPC 30 | DA 00 - Fortsake

TPC 00 | AK47 80 - Well
TPC 00 | AK47 80 - BaM

TPC 20 | PVC 20 - Well
TPC 180 | PVC 60 - Fortsake

New webbys at www.tpcclan.org.uk.

More results
timo, 20 April 2000

We beat MOD in the league.

Rock2 130-0
Shutdown 30-0

We also beat BLITZ in a friendly.

2Fort 50-20
FS2 20-10

A really enjoyable match for TPC and BLITZ. Full of action.

Back on track
timo, 13 April 2000

We beat MAI easily tonight.

Well - TPC 130-0 MAI
CZ2 - TPC 249-62 MAI

Suprise suprise
timo, 11 April 2000

We lost to SHS.

2Fort - TPC 40-110 SHS
Well - TPC 0-40 SHS

We tried. At least we got 4 caps on 2Fort. They used incredible numbers of medics on 2Fort. Blah Blah Blah.

A few results
timo, 9 April 2000

We've played a couple of league matches recently against FUNK and BD.

2Fort - TPC 20-0 FUNK
Bam - TPC 0-0 FUNK

Rock2 - TPC 115-15 BD*
FS2 - TPC 0-10 BD

*BD dispute this result due to connections probs.

We have a tough ladder match on Mon vs SHS. Come on Lads, we can do it. :)

Ladder result
timo, 28 March 2000

We played ITK in ladder.

2Fort - TPC 30-10 ITK
Well - TPC 0-10 ITK

ITK snatch a cap with 5 secs to go, well played.

Ladder postions unchanged, we stay 3rd.


Recruitment is on hold.

Recruitment update
timo, 26 March 2000

Recently I've received a lot of enquiries about trials. I want to set the record straight.

Please take a look at this page.


We are looking for you to obey these kind of things, however, I will do our own TPC version soon.

Do not come onto the server and ask for trial.
Email and ICQ me first.
I would like an email stating why you want to join TPC.
What classes you are best at.
I don't want to hear stuff like I do anything. Be specific.
I want to know your age.
Why did you leave your old clan?
We do not play at weekends.

I could go on and on.

A few late results
timo, 26 March 2000

We played IST in the league and it was a tough set of games. Their spies were excellent and caused big probs. A big game against BD on Thur.

Well - TPC 30-30 IST
Shutdown - TPC 0-10 IST

We played CSC in the ladder and won. We are now 4th.

Bam - TPC 20-0 CSC
Well - TPC 50-10 CSC

BIOB match result
timo, 15 March 2000

I'm embarassed to report against a 5 man BIOB we won big time.

2Fort: TPC 190-0 BIOB
CZ2: TPC 330-8 BIOB

Please help BIOB out, they need new players. They stayed on the server whilst losing and were very nice about it.

PVC match result
timo, 13 March 2000

CZ2: TPC 113|84 PVC

Good games.

timo, 11 March 2000

Recently I've had many people wanting trials.

I want to clear up a few things, TPC is a small clan and we require people with the right attitude. TFC skills are not enough. We don't like weekends therefore you will have to available for weeknights. We need you to use ICQ, IRC, email.

Any queries to t!mo.

WP cup match vs KASAP
timo, 6 March 2000

This match is on Mon 6th @ 9 PM. Map is Cults not Shutdown. Oh er missus this scipt works.

Ricey, 3 March 2000

Tonight we played FM in the league.

Rock: 00-00 Draw
Bam: 60-10 Win

Despite the small conflictions it turned out to be a very good game and showed our great teamplay under pressure.

We now have KASAP this Sunday in the third round of the Wireplay cup.

Another win!
14 September 1999

We won tonights league match against [MAI] and managed to keep a clean sheet again despite only having 7 players in the first game.

We won both matches (Well 30-0, 2Fort 50-0).

Back on form!
9 September 1999

Tonights league match against [RoD] saw us back to our match winning form with only 7 players.

We won both matches (Well 60-0, Rock 30-0) whilst experimenting with some new tactics implemented after last nights beating! Unfortunately our score wasn't as high as we would of hoped but with practice that will come.

8 September 1999

Sad to say but we were well and truly beaten tonight in our first friendly match for a while. [FUNK] beat us in both games (2Fort & Well) by 30 points to 0.

Tonight also saw our three newest members (Scoop, FraS and Skitzo) in action for the first time.

Normal service has been resumed
31 August 1999

After last weeks low scoring game against CJK, we have got our capping back online. Tonights match vs U4 resulted in a combined score of 250-0, nice one peeps!

This weeks star award is shared between Boggot and Curtis. Their relentless support of Badger in attack led directly to the high number of caps we managed to score. Well done.

Once again Babe2000 has to get a special mention this week, this time for the copious quantities of jam she produced for the clan whilst defending the attic. BTW, Behemoth and Rat managed to tidy up and decorate the flagroom whilst they were in there, so I hope you will keep it tidy from now on (any fagends and cigars butts should be taken home with you or discarded outside).

Still unbeaten (but only just)
26 August 1999

Just finished our clan match vs CJK. After all the hype the result was 2 draws (30-30 0-0). Everyone had connection problems which added to the mayhem. Unfortunately this is the end of our clean sheet, but we are still unbeaten.

Good game though, thanks to everyone on both clans for the top rate play. We only hope that that is the hardest match of our division!!

Top of our division
19 August 1999

Tuesday night's league match against BRR resulted in yet another clean sheet for us. Well done everyone for an excellent game and for managing to turn up for the 7 PM match. Escpecial thanks go to Mr. StickFloat for allowing Badger the time for the match.

Our STAR player this week was Babe2000 for her brilliant play in the enemies gas chamber on rock2, well done.

Kestrel leaves
6 August 1999

Kestrel has left TPC to form his own clan [AVR]Aviary. We wish him all the best in his future position of clan leader.

New member
30 July 1999

Finally we have managed to secure the services of Amy. RD's loss is our gain! Amy has officially joined TPC today as a full member. Amy will still be leading her girlz only clan [SoM]Sisters of Murphy for fun & friendly matches.

A big turdy welcome from the whole crew Amy.

Another clean sheet
27 July 1999

We have just had our second league match. This match was against [DTE] Death To Education. Yet again we won both games and managed to keep a clean sheet. Looks like the sh!t is getting hotter!!!

Top of the league
22 July 1999

We have won our first two league matches and maintained a clean sheet! Tonight we played [BMSW] Black Messa Swat in the league, winning both matches! This should put us top of group 2 (ok tied top with any others that won both matches tonight).

Victory is ours!
20 July 1999

Thanks to DTE for the friendly clan match last night. Unfortunately DTE only managed to field 6 players, so borrowed our reserves (Ricey & Babe2000) for the match.

Well was a bit of a nightmare and resulted in a 0-0 draw, however during 2Fort we got our act together and pulled off a magnificent 90-20 win!

The new Admin commands supplied by Kryten and Splash did the trick and I am happy to report that the server reset problem appears to be a thing of the past.

Once again I would like to thank DTE for our last practice match before the league starts and we look forward to meeting you 'for real' in two weeks time .

Due to our success I have changed the music to something more appropriate.

Sh!t muzik
13 July 1999

I thought the site needed some cr@ppy Music, not sure that you can get anything cr@pper than this, but who knows? If you have a nomination then send me the .wav file and I'll add it to the page.

New members
8 July 1999

Big turdy welcomes to our two newest full members RAT and Ricey. This brings the clans full complement up to 16 with 12 full time online members. Bring on the league!

First result
5 July 1999

We have our first clan result, a draw over three maps against ARAC. Thanks to Skunk for organising this.

First fixture
4 July 1999

We have our first fixture! ARAC have challenged us to a pre-season friendly, check out the fixtures page.

New member
3 July 1999

We would like to give a big turdy welcome to our newest full member. Kestrel has finally got his feathers, watchout everyone, the world is no longer a safe place.

WP TFC league
30 June 1999

Today we had confirmation from [AaB]Kryten that we have been accepted into the Wireplay TFC league.

Slog has also been registered as a league administrator.

Recruitment on hold
30 June 1999

Assuming that the probationary players mentioned below pass their final play testing, then we will be at our full complement of online players.

This means that we will not be recruiting any more players at the moment. Thanks for all the interest that has been shown by every one during our recruitment drive.

New members
30 June 1999

We would like to give a big turdy welcome to our 3 new full members StealthPS, t!mo and Ikeee.

We also have the following probationary members who are awaiting their final play testing (wouldn't it be good if we had a clan practice slot on the server?): BigAl / Alec, Kestrel, RAT and Blastherion.

New website
26 June 1999

Today we have launched our new website, any comments appreciated.

Once again I would like to thank [ARAC]Skunk for allowing us to borrow his layout of Arachnophobia when we needed to get a site up and running quickly.

I would also like to suggest that all clan members use ICQ (see link on this page). It is an excellent communications tool and well worth the download.

TFC league
26 June 1999

We (Badger) have applied to join the Wireplay TFC league. We are waiting to hear about acceptance and clan practice times on the servers. This may take some time due to the sad retirement of Digriz from the TFC league. Many thanks for all the work he has already put in.

New members
26 June 1999

We would like to give a big turdywelcome to our 3 new recruits Curtis, Behemoth and Boggot.

We also have Vulcan Cannon as a probationary member, subject to proving team performance.

StealthPS and Kestrel are awaiting trials sometime this week.

Who are 'The Poo Crew'?
20 June 1999

We are a LAN based clan with five core members and an additional four to five members depending on who is in the country at the time.

We have been playing TFC since the LAN release.

We have five decent PCs but only two decent phone lines which is a distinct disadvantage as we are playing more on the net (Wireplay).

So we would like to hear from any FUN lovers who want to join a TFC clan to play in the Wireplay league and other friendy matches, or people in the Dorset area interested in a LAN party.

We are not after good players just people that are team players and can play on a regular basis.